The NGTI team has delivered information technology plans across a wide range of industries ranging from multi million-dollar organizations to medium and small sized enterprises. With the company's expert background comes the strong ability to identify opportunities, maximize value for your budget, and clearly communicate technology options.

Today's volatile marketplace creates constant competitive movement and lucrative opportunities. Success in this complex environment requires a fluid approach and an organization that can anticipate and respond within limited windows of opportunity. Our team has been extremely successful in sales, service and management roles which include operations, business development, project management and finance.

NGTI procures a wide range of hardware and software solutions through its vast array of strategic partnerships with leading technology manufactures and suppliers.
In an era when governmental scrutiny of electronic waste disposal is increasing, NGTI provides a convenient, reliable, legally compliant way to address this increasingly important challenge.

If you have Surplus Computers, Laptops, and Printers NGTI can:

PICK UP – NGTI will come to your location(s) and pick up your surplus computers, monitors, printers, fax, copiers, and other technology hardware.

REFURBISH – NGTI’s “refurb process” provides testing, repairing, and cleaning of Systems and Printers to assure they are in working condition. We “scrub” hard drives removing all data and “personally identifiable” information.

RESELL – NGTI can market your Surplus equipment through our network of Technology Resellers.

DONATION – NGTI can assist your company in developing and managing a Computer Donation Program. There are many non-profit organizations in need of Computers, Laptops, and Printers in good working condition. We can work with you to identify the organizations, prep/deliver the equipment, and follow up to assure the execution of required documentation.

When technological assets cannot be recycled, NGTI offers EPA-Compliant disposal services:

DISPOSAL – NGTI utilizes a TNRCC licensed recycler to provide EPA-Compliant Disposal of non-working and obsolete equipment. Certificates of Destruction can be provided upon request.

NGTI is a reliable and cost effective choice for Desktop Computer Support and Management. If your business is small or large, local or nationwide NGTI has the knowledge, technical resources, and experience to Support all your Desktop Computer requirements:

• Installs
• Moves
• Upgrades
• Repairs
• Break-Fix on Call
• Software - Installs and Upgrades

NGTI can supplement or support your Computer Asset Management Program. If you have Leased Computers, Laptops, and Printers NGTI can:

Track Return Dates - Most leases continue to charge after expiration sometimes without notification to the leasee

Inventory / Repair - We inventory each system to insure all components are attached/installed and working. Minimizing any end-of-lease charges for missing or nonfunctioning components (keyboards, mice, drives, etc.)

Returns - NGTI will pack, ship, and verify the timely shipment and receipt of each System. Providing confirmation reports as needed.
NGTI can deliver a wide range of technical resources with expertise on the most common platforms. A partial list of resources available includes:
Engineers & Technicians
Database Administrators & Engineers
RF Engineers
System Engineers
System Technicians
Network Engineers
Visual Basic
Java, Java Scripting
Cold Fusion
Join the NexGen Team

SQL Server

NGTI can manage the entire Project Management lifecycle. We combine capabilities in:

• Project Management
• Hardware/Software Installation
• Configuration Services
• Application QA and Testing
• Technical Architecture Development
• Systems Implementation
• Legacy Systems Integration
• Custom Application Development
• Managed Applications
• Infrastructure Optimization
• Infrastructure Assessment and Analysis

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